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What is
Skyreader Studio?

Skyreader’s new platform is the first to offer a complete set of the self-publishing tools needed to give the user complete creative freedom to create fully interactive and engaging content that will bring people back time and again.

With the new Skyreader Studio platform, authors, publishers, studios, broadcasters and content owners can go far beyond the traditional capabilities to easily create richer, more interactive, enhanced user experiences. With features such as animation, audio, live action video, text and transforms, the sky is the limit for what a creator can produce.

Skyreader Studio is a fully web browser-based authoring platform, featuring an instantaneous preview within the browser. Output formats include native support for iOS via the Skyreader Bookshelf as well as ePub2, ePub3, HTML5, to support all major devices and applications. Android support is coming soon.

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How to Use

Skyreader Studio

Do you have a great idea that you want Create and Publish?

1. Grab your content

Skyreader Studio uses
Images (.png, .jpg), Audio (.mp3), Video (.mp4), Text

2. Create a project in Skyreader Studio

Choose your layout
Choose your desired device

3. Upload your content to the library

Add all the assets at once or as you need them

4. Drag and drop your images to the page to create the layout

The assets can be adjusted for their overall dimensions or the location on the page

5. Build out your desired animations, actions and interactions

These can happen on page load or on touch. It is your custom work!

6. Preview your project to see the final result!

7. Publish with Skyreader Studio!

What's Next
Totally Monster Manners

Totally Monster Manners

Enter the entertaining and interactive series of Totally Monster from the groups at Silver Dolphin Books and Skyreader Media Inc.

Bright bold colors, engaging animations, and lively narration and audio bring the Totally Monster Manners story to life in a new and interactive way. Children of all ages will learn that everyone appreciates good manners…even monsters.

Discover the other great titles in this series.
Totally Monster Feelings
Totally Monster Best Friends

Even monsters need to have good manners. In this fun and imaginative ebook monsters learn how to be polite, be helpful, and make friends. With the help of lively animations and interactions, young children can learn how much more fun it can be when we all play together.

Download it now!
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Kevin Gillis
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Kevin Gillis

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Kevin Gillis has more than 30 years of experience creating, producing, directing, and selling animated and dramatic series, including The Raccoons, Atomic Betty, Miss BG, Robocop: The Series, FX the Series, Captain Flamingo, Jimmy Two Shoes, and Producing Parker. He has been involved in the creation of more than 500 hours of television and in excess of $180 million in programming. His series have been sold in 180 countries and some continue to air 25 years after their initial release.

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